Training, Services, Intermediation


The National Federation facilitates and organizes trainings on ASM organizations, rehabilitation, business development, and capacity building for ASM organizations:

  • Legal and regulatory framework on ASM;
  • Guidelines for establishment of partnership, cooperative, and NGO;
  • Institutional development and leadership;
  • Human rights
  • Formalization of gold supply chain and guidelines for having gold assayed and assessed
  • Preparation of rehabilitation plan for ASM land
  • Methodology for frugal ASM rehabilitation
  • Advocacy
  • Guidelines for maintaining operations of an organization
  • Preparation of press release and organization of press conference effectively
  • Planning, reporting, document drafting and maintaining of an organization
  • Health care, prevention from diseases, and delivery if first aids
  • Personal development (e.g. presentation and communications skills, life skills, family, behaviours, management and leadership, human and nature)
  • Preparation of financial reports
  • Guidelines for fundraising and savings
  • “Start-Up Your Business-Develop Your Business” (project proposal writing)


The National Federation facilitates and delivers needs based trainings to its members-organizations, for instance

  • Preparation of financial reports
  • Consultancy on finance and accountancy
  • Project proposal writing (business projects)
  • Project proposal writing (rehabilitation projects);
  • Preparation of rehabilitation plan
  • Publicizing and marketing of the products and services by the members
  • Savings and Credit services
  • Insurance
  • Advertisements (e.g. videos and handout materials on NGO)


Intermediation among the external and internal parties for extensive cooperation including:

  • Intermediation between ASM communities and the central and local governments for cooperation;
  • Intermediation between ASM communities and mining companies for cooperation and signing agreements on land
  • Intermediation within ASM organizations for cooperation;
  • Intermediation in learning best practices of ASM in foreign countries
  • Intermediation in purchase of ASM equipments and tools;
  • Intermediation in marketing of the products produced by ASM communities:

Since its establishment, the National Federation has been joined by over 6300 members of 429 registered partnerships and 79 members-organisations from 49 soums (sub-provinces) of 15 aimags (provinces) in the country.  

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