About Membership

National Federation for Artisanal and Small Scale Mining has three types of membership: honorary, supporting, and true members.  Its membership is voluntary and open to all ASM and other types of organizations operating in Mongolia those do accept the Federation’s bylaw and support the defined goal, objectives and activities.

Benefits and Advantages of Being a Member:

As being a member of the National Federation, you and your organization will be provided with a wide range of benefits and opportunities such as

To be provided with ASM sector’s updates in a timely manner and with the opportunity to take part in various events

To deliver your voices to the mining and ASM sector policy and decision makers

To elect and be elected in the Board and Monitoring Council of the National Federation

To act under the name, logo, and membership of the National Federation as its member when taking part in legal activities

To publicize its activities free of charge or at discounted rates at the national level through the website, homepage, fact sheet, TV programmes, publications, forums, meetings, public e events, and trainings of the National Federation

To have your legitimate rights and interests protected through the Memorandum of Understanding signed with the central and local governments

To participate free of charge or at discounted rates in the various activities including trainings, meetings, consultations, and other events internally and externally organized by the National Federation and

To work together in solving and overcoming the existing obstacles and constraints in running ASM and small enterprises and services within the ASM communities in the country

Filing up documents for becoming a member

A copy of the Organization’s State Registration Certificate
Requests of the organization and individual members, who are willing to be members and
If a legal person or organization, registration records of its members
True Members

ASM organizations-members of the National Federation

Honorary Members

Organizations and individuals donating and contributing the National Federation

Supporting Members

Researchers and experts of the mining and ASM sector and trainers, stakeholders, and economic entities collaborating with the National Federation

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