Greetings from the Chairperson of National Federation for Artisanal and Small Scale Mining

Welcome to the National Federation’s website.

Having organized into partnerships and cooperatives in accordance with the Regulations for
Artisanal and Small Scale Mining, the National Federation members respect the human rights,
pay their tax and social insurance premiums, follow occupational safety and health norms,
rehabilitate their mined areas according to the approved guidelines and hand over the
rehabilitated land to their local governments. As a result of their formalized activities, artisanal
and small scale miners are able to make actual contributions to local economies.

Since its inception, the National Federation has been successful, particularly in facilitation and organization of capacity building trainings and programmes for artisanal and small scale miners encouraging them to be organized under the legal framework, to engage and specialize in artisanal and small scale mining (ASM) in safe, responsible, and environmentally friendly ways, and to shift from ASM to other employment opportunities in the ultimate.

Moreover, the Federation members make actual contributions in employment opportunities and poverty reduction in local areas engaged in diverse micro businesses and sustained their businesses.

We are pleased to cooperate with governmental, non-governmental, and international organizations and their projects and programmes with regard to all the issues related to the formalized ASM as described above.  

President L.Delgerbayar

The National Federation facilitates and organizes trainings on ASM organizations, rehabilitation, business development, and capacity building for ASM organizations


The National Federation facilitates and delivers needs based trainings to its members-organizations, for instance


Intermediation among the external and internal parties for extensive cooperation including

87Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Organization
6500Responsible Artisanal and Small Scale Miner
400hectareRehabilitated area
8.9 tonGold deposited to Bank of Mongolia
120 mining siteObtained for local special needs for artisanal mining
1.2 billionFees for the use of mineral resources


Laws on artisanal and small scale mining


Artisanal and Small Scale Mining Regulation


Ministerial orders, local decrees and decisions related to artisanal and small-scale mining

Member organization's information

Since its establishment, the National Federation has been joined by over 6500 members of 491 registered partnerships and 87 members-organisations from 55 soums (sub-provinces) of 15 aimags (provinces) in the country. 



It aims to ensure the human rights and improve the living standards of artisanal miners by creating a society that provides the benefits of development equally and fairly, by developing environmentally friendly and socially responsible artisanal mining, and by creating a favorable business environment.

Our team

Munkhtsetseg Gan-ochir
Executive Director
Adiyanyam Ganbaatar
Oyunbold Enkhtur
Advocacy and Communication Specialist
Nazerke. B
Foreign relation, fundraising specialist
Tumendemberel. R
Research and development officer

Contact us

  • You can get all kinds of information related to artisanal mining through the following channels.
  • 1900-2959
  • +976 70155959
  • Sukhbaatar district, 1th region, Embassy street, Shuren office, 1 floor №7 Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
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